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Elizabeth Fiend - HostessElizabeth Fiend = writer / host

Author, artist, musician; this (ir)regular Renaissance woman has college credit in stone cutting, wood crafts, jewelry making, ceramics & welding. She is a self-taught nutritionist & vegetarian cook. She has had solo exhibits of her paintings. Her cartoons have appeared in hundreds of underground magazines as well as R. Crumb's Weirdo & Screw Magazine. She has been interviewed by publications as diverse as The New York Times & Anarchy International. Elizabeth is the co-author of a reference book on the thematical analysis of television, "Index to the Annenberg Television Script Archive." She is also slide guitar player in the psycho-trash band More Fiends, the only Philly band to ever record a Peel Session for the BBC radio in London and has recorded 9 records/cds. For her paying gig, she's the Bibliographic Specialist at the Wharton Library.


Gretjen Clausing - CameraGretjen Clausing = camera

An independent media programmer, publicist and activist. Part of the Philly media scene for ten years she has worked at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project, the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema and was the coordinator of the Philadelphia Independent/Film Video Association. Gretjen has made video projects with community groups through Scribe Video Center. Currently she is part of the Philadelphia Coalition for Public Access organizing to get Philly public access television. She comes from a long line of crafters, is a self-embraced pack rat & works out stress by digging in dirt.


Valerie Keller - editorValerie Keller = editor

Film & video editor for over nine years, most notably she edited PBS's "The Dinosaurs!" & emmy nominee "Fever." She has worked on videos about such diverse topics as homelessness; Puerto Rican identity; HIV-prevention vaccine trials; Philly's textile industry; a biography of WEB DuBois & a French-Canadian heavy metal band. She has worked with many local filmmakers & producers - such as pew grant recipient Frances Negron-Muntaner, Emmy award winner Ron Kanter, and the dynamic Glen Holsten of Channel 12 fame. She teaches editing workshops for Scribe Video Center & produced a video for the Termite TV collective. Valerie is also a crafty gal in her own right particularly in the realms of collage & hot-glue art. She rides her bicycle to work & cuts her own hair.


More Fiends = music

Allen Fiend = bass
Elizabeth Fiend = slide guitar
Bob Fiend = guitar
Dave Fiend = drums

More Fiends freebase an explosive mixture of hardcore and no wave-two primal movements that've done so much to shape the course of the U.S. underground punk scene. They have performed at the New Music Seminar, New York City; the Berlin Independence Days Festival, Germany; the International Anarchist Festival, San Francisco and have recorded 9 records/cd's including a Peel Session for the BBC radio, England.